Burger Pocket Press®, The Stuffed Burger Press

     The Burger Pocket Press®, the Stuffed Burger Press is a hamburger press that enables you to apply your fixn’s between the meat patties making stuffed burgers. Your hamburger becomes like a donut but with cheese or whatever you please!

     There are videos with directions on making a stuffed burger, cup burger, and the classic flat patty burger. See the latest news about the Burger Pocket Press®, or blog on stuffed burgers in our blog spot. Browse our stuffed burger recipes for stuffed burger ideas or submit your own. Check to see if we are coming to your area by viewing the event calendar. Don’t forget to hit the shopping page to purchase the Burger Pocket Press®.

     The Burger Pocket Press® is a fast and easy way to put fixn’s inside your burger! You can put all of your favorite burger fixn’s like mushrooms, onions, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, along with any kind of cheese, inside your burger. The Burger Pocket press® Patented design creates a flavor pocket ready to be stuffed full of your favorite burger toppings. The Burger Pocket Press® is made in America and really works!!